Kathakali Thekkady

Enjoy Kerala’s  skilled forms of art. Kathakali  are  the kerala state’s  official art and culture heritage program. this one hours experience, you’ll enjoy kathakali at thekkady with full bloom being performed in front of your very own eyes. It is nothing short of a gripping this episode.

Kathakali thekkady show has two time slots, 5pm or 7pm. Over one hours, it takes you through an enthralling experience of captivating performances by well-trained and brilliantly talented artists from yodha cultural village thekkady.  don’t Loose yourself in the ancient dance-drama form of Kathakali at  thekkady. BOOK NOW show online or direct  visit with below map., or contact us.

we requested to all tourist who visit thready please enjoy the official culture heritage program kathakali at thekkady.

Our Kathakali  Thekkady programs, Every Day 5Pm – 6Pm and 7Pm – 8Pm  Book kathakali Tickects Online at thekkady

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About  Thekkady

Thekkady has a rich and unique culture owing to the fact that it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Kerala. The culture of Kerala is a deep and varied one with influence dating back thousands of years. As a reflection of Kerala’s culture, the Yodha Cultural centre in Thekkady regularly holds shows of Kathakali dance and other dance dramas. yodha cultural village is is know as cultural program village for tourist’s centre which has martial arts shows on Kalaripayattu, the oldest form of martial arts in the world. The various resorts located within Thekkady and Kumily also organise many cultural programs showcasing various unique art forms of the state. The locals relish traditional South Indian cuisine, which has already found its way on the platter of the rest of the country.