Kalarippayattu Thekkady

Enjoy Kerala’s traditional skilled forms of Marshal art Kalarippayattu  is culture heritage program. enjoy the traditional program kalarippayattu at thekkady for hours experience, you’ll enjoy with full bloom being performed in front of your own eyes.

kalarippayattu at thekkady show has two time slots, 5pm or 7pm. Over one hours, it takes you through an enthralling experience of captivating performances by well-trained and brilliantly talented people from yodha cultural village thekkady.  don’t Loose  the kalarippayattu at thekkady program with yodha cultural village. BOOK NOW show online or direct  visit with below map., or contact us.

we requested to all tourist who visit thekkady please enjoy the official culture heritage program kalarippayattu at thekkady.

Our kalarippayattu  Thekkady programs, Every Day 6Pm – 7Pm and 7:15Pm – 8:15Pm  Book kathakali Tickects Online at thekkady

Know more about kathakali please visit  Kalarippayattu

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Yodha Cultural Village is a major Kalari fight centre located in Thekkady where this martial arts form is practised in a designed gallery. The gallery is built keeping in mind the safety of the viewers. The complete name of the art practised here is Kalaripayattu, which is more of a traditional martial arts form of self-defence discipline representing Kerala’s unique culture.